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Meme Attempt by LittleMisZoruaArt Meme Attempt :iconlittlemiszoruaart:LittleMisZoruaArt 12 5 Kiara Ref Sheet by khunt778 Kiara Ref Sheet :iconkhunt778:khunt778 4 0 Don't Be Such A Square by Nateevee Don't Be Such A Square :iconnateevee:Nateevee 22 5 Manakete by LittleMisZoruaArt Manakete :iconlittlemiszoruaart:LittleMisZoruaArt 5 0 stardust by SpaceCharm stardust :iconspacecharm:SpaceCharm 6 0 elf buDDOS by TER1AN elf buDDOS :iconter1an:TER1AN 7 3 Find any treasure, kid? by LittleMisZoruaArt Find any treasure, kid? :iconlittlemiszoruaart:LittleMisZoruaArt 11 12
ScatterNadder dyanide Maakaii The-Dragons-Cove EnderFeather Colleen770 FantasyFloof SleepyBrainiac BulbyZaur LovingHusky ErosIntensifies lvl9ranger Itherius Underdise Rorrx jayfeather009 blooking !!!! Go watch of all my pals, they really need more watchers!!! All of their stuff is gorgeous, and they've all helped me through tough times and have been there for me. <3
:iconter1an:TER1AN 6 13
redesign  by SoraTheEspeon redesign :iconsoratheespeon:SoraTheEspeon 10 3
All Evidence Against Tammy Pt.2
First journal: All Evidence Against Tammy
(I recommend looking through that one first, as it has a plethora of evidence)
(I will be updating this journal to notify my watchers whenever something new is added to this journal)
This is a SECOND journal that houses any and all evidence against the user :icon707fangirl:
She is a nasty little girl who has a track record for being a constant bully, thief, liar, criminal, etc. She has also broken 12+ DA rules, most of which are on a daily basis.
While I myself do not want anyone to go and attack or harass her, I know that at the end of the day, you alone hold the power to make that decision. Just please stay safe and smart about this.
Do you have screenshots, journals, etc. on her that you want included in this journal? Comment with a link to them ON THIS JOURNAL ONLY (easier or
:iconlinebeckxtammy4ever:LinebeckXTammy4Ever 11 87
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FantasyFloof has started a donation pool!
13 / 999,999
Making a Zefral for yourself? Please put your payment in here!
Thank you~ <3
(Also, ignore the "goal", I just put it there so that it would let me put the box up lol)

Anyways, here are the prices:

Base price for making a Zefral: 10 :points:

Common traits: Free

Uncommon traits: Additional 3 :points:

Rare traits: Additional 5 :points:

Ultra-rare traits: Additional 7 :points:

Species Reference:…
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FantasyFloof's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
!!This profile is a no-porn zone!!Porn of any of my characters is FORBIDDEN!!
!!Please refrain from triggered/cancer/depression/suicide/rape/retarded/offensive jokes!!

If you are going to watch me or give me a llama solely for wanting/expecting something in return, DO NOT BOTHER!!


~Just because you can't see it, or it doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
Open your mind to the possibilities~

Hi there, I'm FantasyFloof, and welcome to my page!
I'm just a casual lover of fantasy, animals, art, music, video games, cartoons/anime, and other things. This page will feature a variety of uploads relating to what I love, regardless if I'm good at it or not.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

I guess I'll just put a bio and fill it out to make it a bit easier for you to know about me:
Name: Lydia
Alias: FantasyFloof/Fantasy/Floof
Birth Date: March 27, 1995
Sex/Gender/Pronouns: Female - she/her
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Irish
Height: 5'2"
Relationship Status: Married

Married to: :iconsolsticeschnee:
Mother to: :iconhellhound-spawner:

"Hey everyone, as you may or may not be aware, a known vulnerability in the most widely used WiFi protocol, WPA2, was publicly disclosed today and affects nearly every WiFi network you'll connect to over the coming weeks. This vulnerability allows an attacker to steal your passwords and other sensitive data without you even knowing. This is a big one, and will take time to fix. We're talking router firmware updates, client device updates (iPhone, Androids, PCs, etc) and a whole lot more. You can read further about it here:… You can track compliance progress here:… The best course of action for you, as a consumer, is to set all networks (even your home network) as Public when you connect, get yourself a VPN, and do not enter any information into websites that are not secured with a TLS/SSL certificate (https)."

"For more about this issue;…
Tl;dr; - Microsoft already issued a patch and published a security advisory about the vulnerability. - Many versions of Linux have a patch available as well. - Google is also working on a patch for Android devices (will reportedly make a fix available in the next few weeks). Users may want to turn off Wi-Fi on their devices when possible until the patch is officially available. - Apple has thus far been silent on the issue.

"Hello everyone regarding the above thing. YouTuber and Newsie Philip DeFranco does well to explain the importance of the above. Remember, update all your wireless devices to make sure you receive any firmware that might be out. If there isn't an update for your device or router, you may want to switch to Ethernet cables till an update does come out. Supplementary link:… Remember, be safe while using the internet, and protect yourself."


Nevermind. Looked a bit more and found the REAL reason it's down lol I'll be patient~
Discord Reset by FantasyFloof
Apparently, Discord had an outage of some sort, which is why alot of channels aren't working. I checked their twitter and that's the only thing that came up. Oh well, just gotta wait for it to be fixed. Still 10x better and more efficient than Skype, lol
Take your time Discord, I understand, we all have off days <3
honestly sometimes i wish i could just fucking leave and never come back
this site is honestly shit now
its like a drug
killing me from the inside out
slowly enough to keep me hooked
but fast enough to let me know how much i hate it and how bad for me it is
which makes quitting all the harder
which makes me hate myself more for staying
i honestly just dont see a fucking point anymore and yet i cant fucking quit
i hate this site and i hate myself for letting myself get so fucking hopelessly addicted to it
I know this is an odd request, but can anyone help me find the original artist for this artwork?
BeautifulBlueDragon by FantasyFloof
It's so fucking beautiful, I love the art style, and I want to support the original artist, but I can't for the life of me find the original source...
It's been my computer lock screen for a while now, and I've been trying to reference it and get inspiration from it when drawing my dragonsona.


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