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update? not very important
U smely watchers
I made this for 2 reasons
WwwOW THANK YOU guys so much for everything?!?!? All the nice comments and favorites, the compliments and the fact that I'm almost at 150 watchers is really important to me!!
I never really thought I would make it out here tbh. I constantly put myself down and forget a lot of things,
But you guys always seem to cheer me back up, thank you so much!!
So I've been looking into a way to improve my art a bit, and I have a bit of extra money.
So I'm going to start saving up for a drawing tablet!! Yay Soraaa
I don't know when I'll get it, but hopefully during or before summer.
I want to be able to provide better quality art and actually be considered an okay artist, so yeah owo
More updates possibly soon, thanks for reading!! <333
:iconsoratheespeon:SoraTheEspeon 3 4
never gonna finish this by SpaceCharm never gonna finish this :iconspacecharm:SpaceCharm 5 0
The other side of paradise
"Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you again soon, take care."
"I will, thanks Ma'am."
Exiting the hospital, Lucas began his walk back to Twinleaf town. 
He kicked the rock in front of him, watching as it rolled across the street. He kicked it again, and watched. He repeated this process several times, trying to keep the sadness from drifting into his heart. He hated the way things were, he wished he could travel back in time to the way things were before. Before any of this happened, before he lost the closest friends he could have.
Kira, stuck in a coma, a never ending nightmare, not sure if she'd ever wake up again.
Dana, all emotons drained, her colorful personality turned from that of a rainbow to one of black and white. 
Levy, wanting to he unforgotten by them, ended up forgething them, and even himself.
Barry, full of willpower and glee, lost the ability to do anything.
Camila, being sucked in by a life force mankind doesn't understand, turning her into someone
:iconsoratheespeon:SoraTheEspeon 8 27
Helpless by SoraTheEspeon Helpless :iconsoratheespeon:SoraTheEspeon 15 19 Cody Ref (Traditional) by Izzula3 Cody Ref (Traditional) :iconizzula3:Izzula3 36 10 Harmonic by VintageCartoonArtist Harmonic :iconvintagecartoonartist:VintageCartoonArtist 8 3 Midnight Rose by VintageCartoonArtist Midnight Rose :iconvintagecartoonartist:VintageCartoonArtist 10 0


Everything about this piece is amazing, from the color palette to the gradients to the scales' details and everything in between. Highl...


FantasyFloof has started a donation pool!
13 / 999,999
Making a Zefral for yourself? Please put your payment in here!
Thank you~ <3
(Also, ignore the "goal", I just put it there so that it would let me put the box up lol)

Anyways, here are the prices:

Base price for making a Zefral: 10 :points:

Common traits: Free

Uncommon traits: Additional 3 :points:

Rare traits: Additional 5 :points:

Ultra-rare traits: Additional 7 :points:

Species Reference:…
Species Traits:…
Species Information:…

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FantasyFloof's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
!!This profile is a no-porn zone!!Porn of any of my characters is FORBIDDEN!!
!!Please refrain from triggered/cancer/depression/suicide/rape/retarded jokes!!


I'm just a run-of-the-mill woman that loves drawing, creating characters and stories, music, games, etc.
I enjoy Pokemon, RWBY, MLP, FNAF, Undertale, TLG, Digimon, etc.
I occasionally watch anime, but I'm not really crazy about it.
Want to know if I like something? Don't be afraid to just ask. I may not talk much, but get me going on stuff I like and I could go on forever~

My fursona is a chimera with the elemental power of blue fire.

I fucking swear. Like... ALOT! You've been warned!

Ethnicity: Irish, German, French, Hispanic, Native American

Art medium: Wacom Intuos tablet and MS Paint

Married to: :iconsolsticeschnee:
Mother to: :iconhellhound-spawner:
:iconarmortales: :iconarmortales: :iconarmortales: :iconarmortales: :iconarmortales: :iconarmortales: :iconarmortales:

Go check it out!! OwO

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Welp, eheheh... I wasn't expecting to almost complete Pokken in one night ;w;" I feel like I'm dying but at the same time I'm proud XD
Does anyone have Pokken Tournament and would want to battle me in a Friendly Match?
I'm not sure how to connect with someone specific over the internet because I've never done it before... But battling against real people will help me regain my feel for the game!! That and I just wanna go up against some of you guys ;w;"
Please comment if you're interested!! I forgot how fun this game was!

But ye, I have it set to:
Friendly Match
Opponent: Friend
VS Code: Use
VS Code: Fantasy
Yesssss I finally got my games from back in Missouri sent over!! X3
Probably won't be on much for a while, just saying in advance!! X"D

embedded_item1493317740893 by FantasyFloof
Aaaaand here's the aftermath of our haircuts x3

embedded_item1493153077357 by FantasyFloof
Me and :iconsolsticeschnee: are getting our hair cut tomorrow, so I wanted to take before and after pictures x3
I feel bad for Sol, here he's this handsome devil and now he's stuck with an ugly lil chub like me for the rest of his life XD

embedded_item1493108054289 by FantasyFloof


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